Founder, Producer & Engineer

Ryan started in the industry at the age of twelve and has been instrumental to several large post production facilities and advertising agencies around the country. A video and audio engineer by trade, Ryan is very creative in optimizing production workflows both in broadcast and post production environments. He is also the Founder of Broadcast Beat, one of the industry’s leading digital publications, delivering technology news and information to a worldwide audience. He is quite a “social media superstar” in the industry by way of organizations such as the National Association of Broadcasters, SMPTE and other associations.


VP of Marketing

Jillian’s primary role is business development and building existing relationships with current clients. She has worked in production for quite some time and has a lot of experience with producing, shoot budgets and more.


Director of Public Relations

Winston is mostly responsible for morale and keeping clients happy at Studio 4028. You’ll usually find him pacing the facility making sure that everything is running smoothly. When he isn’t at the studio, he’s basking in the sun or hanging out in Flagler Village and Las Olas hot spots. He is quite the socialite!




Ninaad is ABSOLUTELY the most talented animator we have ever come across and we have worked with many. Let’s just say he’s won dozens of film festivals worldwide and will most likely be a famous filmmaker in the really near future! We love this guy and he’s a dear friend as well.



Audio Engineer

Joshua has always been passionate about consistent quality in production. He started in high school theater and carried that same passion to Full Sail University. Upon completion in 2009, he received an Associate of Science in Recording Arts. Joshua is an experienced operator and has worked as an audio expert in multiple fields including broadcast, live concert entertainment, studio recording, and large corporate events.



Camera Operator

Vincent received his BS in Communications from Florida International University and has been involved in the Broadcast Production field for the past 24 years starting out as a grip working on industrial, corporate and live events. He continued his path in production as a cameraman and continues to travel locally and throughout the states producing digital content for his clients.


Camera Operator

Smitty is our top camera operator when it comes to creating cinematic masterpieces. He’s a great Director, DP and Editor and has extensive shooting experience in the music video space.


Camera Operator

Brian’s an all around cool guy and has recorded hundreds of video interviews for us. He has quite a few years of experience and comes from a family of videographers.




Fredd has been with us for about five years and he’s so much fun to work with. He has traveled all over the country producing content with us and we rely on him in a big way!



Andre works with Studio 4028 producing all sorts of unboxing videos, documentary-style pieces as well as video interviews. He’s great at turning projects around quickly and our clients are always happy with his attention to detail.



Makeup Artist

Juliana has more than 15 years of “on the set” makeup experience and has worked with celebrities like Katherine Zeta Jones, Benicio Del Toro, Hugh Jackman and Tina Fey between many others.



Social Media Director

Norman has been around the block in the photography world and WOW, this guy knows how to get AMAZING shots. He’s super detail-oriented and we rely on him for a major projects around the country.




Anthony is a producer at Studio 4028 and specializes in all aspects of production including budget, creation, development, writing, editing, talent acquisition, directing, producing, marketing and client relations. He has absolutely vital to our facility and is responsible for many of the cool construction projects we have done. Anthony is also Vice President and Partner of Meta4 Creative Media, LLC.



Danny is a producer and writer. He creates multi-platform original content in all genres of both fiction and nonfiction Feature Film and Television, as well as Reality Television and Commercial Advertisement.



Director and Technical Director

Steve is hands down the best technical director in South Florida and he has run dozens of LIVE productions at Studio 4028. Some of the more notable projects Steve has worked on include networks like Black Entertainment Television and MTV.
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